Wander Beyond – Cellar Series: Imperial Great Rift 2021 – 13.5%


Here at Wander Beyond we've always loved big beers and the opportunities they provide to learn from and experiment with different techniques. Our head brewer's love of aged Belgian beers, as well as long running serieses of vintage ales from the great family brewers such as JW Lees & Fullers, has led us to a project with a wander beyond twist that has been ongoing for more than 3 years.

We can finally and happily introduce to you 'The Cellar Series'. Since early 2019 we have been reserving a limited number of our best brews, which we believed may develop further from a cold maturation period. This allowed the beers to evolve, deepen and grow in complexity and nuance, and thus our cellar-ageing programme was born.

Imperial Milk Stout - 13.5%

Brewed with mountains of lactose, generous additions of oats and an extensive range of dark malts, the 2021 vintage Imperial Great Rift has that classic silky mouthfeel and goes down far too easily for a 13.5% stonkerolical.

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