Rivington – Paparahua – 3.2%


Table Beer collab with Thornbridge


What do you do when stumble upon 60kg of Mosaic without a home? Throw it all into a single beer, that's what! We're huge fans of Mosaic here at Polly's. The hop varietal that shaped modern beer as we know it always has a special place in our brewery, and after celebrating it in previous beers, we're levelling it up with a fully 2021 vibe in Floating Through the Surface.Absolutely loaded to the nines with this awesome stateside favourite, we've supercharged this single-hoppedĀ double IPA with a 50kg dry-hop charge and a 10kg whirlpool addition to create a beer positively dripping with a medley of intense flavour profiles. Think blueberry, bubblegum, and mango notes, paired up with an earthy complexity before rounding off with a pithy bitter finish. A perfect varietal to welcome us back to the DIPA party!

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