Polly’s Brew Co x MakeMake – Coma Cluster – 10%


The brewery that started the whole idea off for our sixth birthday bash. We received an inconspicuous box of beer in Spring time last year from a brewery we’d heard of, but had never tried any of their beer before. A verified feast of Sour DIPAs and Imperial Stouts befell us, and we were absolutely blown away by the quality of the beer we’d been sent, which got our minds turning on an idea for how best to showcase these incredible beers to a wider crowd, and the genesis of our sixth birthday beers had begun. We reached out to Marc and his team to take part in an idea that had no breweries and no beers confirmed at that point, and there was really no other place we could go than a big, robust imperial stout. None of that adjunct fuss here, we’re letting our malt do the talking, and Makemake’s expertise has certainly lead to a level above our usual impy game.

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