Polly’s Brew Co x Elusive – Llanberis Trail – 3.8%


We were absolutely honoured earlier this year to find we had been asked to take part in Elusive’s yearly Collabageddon series of beers, and honoured even more so that we had been asked to partner up with the host brewery themselves after working so closely and crossing paths multiple times over the years. Knowing of our passion for all things West Coast, it felt like it was the most natural option to lean into our shared passion, and having looked at the trajectory of Elusive’s Oregon Trail over the years, we noticed that it had gone up in strength, but never down. With this in mind, we decided to brew Llanberis Trail – an ultra-crushable Oregon Trail recipe brewed to a sessionable ABV, with our Welsh water profile. The result is a crisp, clean session pale, with a hefty amount of punchy bitterness to honour the beers we collectively love so much.

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