Polly;s Brew Co – Pure Devotion – 5.2%


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the hop breeders without whom breweries like us wouldn’t exist today. The pioneers of the US hop cultivating industry are constantly innovating; creating new varietals for us to utilise in our brewing and set our drinkers tastebuds alight. Wanting to pay homage to these industry leaders, we’ve selected some of our favourite stateside slammers to sprout from the US. Pure Devotion, aptly named, celebrates this by bringing Citra – previously known as 114, Mosaic – previously HBC 369, Talus – also known as HBC 692 and Idaho 7 – a product of Jackson Farms labelled 007 – together for an all out amped up juice explosion of flavour. Expect fresh cut citrus fruits, bubblegum sweetness, sticky marmalade notes, and just a hint of herbal complexity in this incredible pale ale.

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