Polly’s Brew Co – Keeler – 8.5%


Double IPA w/Mosaic

Sometimes you've just got to go big on one of your favourite hops. After a single hop showcase paired up with Kveik earlier in the year, it's time for Team Polly's to go back to basics and do what we do best; Mosaic + LA3 = JUICE. To say we've amped up the hop bill on this beer would be an understatement - Keeler has a full 50kg of this incredible varietal thrown into the mix and imparts an absolute metric tonne of berry, bubblegum, and tropical notes, with underlying notes of earthy pine to keep everything all in check. Featuring an all new in-house LA3 strain brought in from the States and designed specifically for us, this beer is everything we love about the new school - opaque, pulpy, all out juice. Absolutely incredible.

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