Polly’s Brew Co – Extra Scene – 6.7%


IPA w/Mosaic, Citra & Idaho 7


Citra and Mosaic is a pretty Champions League hop combo in our opinion. One that has followed us all the way from the humble beginnings of the brewery all the way up to now - we've even named our brewery dog after the former. How do you improve on a Champions League hop pairing though? Easy - make it a three way dance of Stateside smashers, and introduce a little Idaho 7 into proceedings. A hop varietal that we feel is sorely underused, Idaho 7 brings super sticky marmalade notes along with just a tickling of herbal complexity to the already high juice punchbowl of tropical, juicy notes from that world beating base pairing. With everything wrapped up in a big warm hug of our bespoke LA3 yeast strain, this is a beer that is mega hazy, mega juicy, and mega Polly's.


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