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DDH Pale Ale w/Talus Citra Mosaic El Dorado

A big thing we love here at the brewery is our growing accessibility to the newest and most in-demand hops. When we heard that a new varietal had been cultivated with Sabro as the parent hop, we were immediately on the phone to our merchant to secure us some of this new hype hop. Talus was only released commercially late on towards the end of last year, but is certainly already turning heads - its bombastic flavour profiles of citrus rind, pink grapefruit, tropical fruits and sage towing along all that complexity we love to impart into our beers. We've let this awesome varietal take the lead on this intense DDH Pale Ale, and buddied it up with Polly's stalwarts Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado for a certified tropical fruit explosion of a beer that is as full of flavour as it is reeled in on the abv.

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