Jever – Pilsener minikeg – 4.9%


Dry Pilsener minikeg


5ltr minikeg, about 8.5 pints. Best consumed within 3-4 days of opening.

Founded in the 1840's, Jever typifies the very dry style of pilsener from Friesland in the north-west corner of Germany and this remarkable beer is lagered for an impressive 90 days. Although only a small brewery, the 'Friesische Brauhaus zu Jever' has become a top brewery in Germany producing this extra dry pilsener. It's also one of the most bitter, hoppy lagers in the Germany, as indicated by 'herb' on the label. Because the Friesland water is very soft, Jever can add more hops when brewing to create the rather different taste.


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