Fruh – Kolsch 5ltr minikeg – 4.8%


Kolsch 5ltr keg

5ltr minikeg about 8.5 pints. Best consumed within 3-4 days of opening.

A clear, unpasteurised and refreshing ale, Früh has a colour as pale as any pilsner, with a thick white head, with a malt aroma and delicate flavours of vanilla and flowery hops.

A style distinctive to Cologne, the name Kölsch is protected by law (Kölsch Konvention) so that only beers brewed in and around the city can bear the name.

Früh is well regarded in the city and considered one of the best Kölsch. Probably the most famous place to drink Kölsch is the Cölner Hofbräu Früh, near to the cathedral in Cologne.

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